Aloha Axies Scholarship Program

Aloha Axies battling it out!

The Aloha Axies Scholarship Program

  • This scholarship program introduces you to the amazing Axie Infinity universe by loaning you a high-quality team of 3 Axies so that you can begin to earn real money in the form of Small Love Potions (SLP) without having to purchase a team of Axies yourself
  • Inspired by a handful of other scholarship programs, we will also provide you with an environment of learning and growth (via the program Discord, which will only be open to participants and alumni), and help participants transition to their own Axie teams and become mentors for the group (if you want to, of course)
  • As a participant of the program, you’ll be given the login credentials (email/password) for your Scholar Account, that is for your use only
  • In return for borrowing the team, the program retains 40% of earnings on the account, and you receive the remaining 60% in the form of Ronin SLP
  • For the initial onboarding period, earnings will be split 50/50

Earning Potential?

  • Every day, you can earn 50 SLP through the daily quest, 100 SLP from playing Adventure (PvE), and even more SLP from battling in the Arena (PvP)
  • The program will set you up with a plan to be able to earn the most SLP you can within the current Energy system
  • From just the daily quests and Adventure rewards alone, you can earn — before the earnings split — about 1,050 SLP per week
  • Additionally, any earnings from top placement on the Arena are 100% yours (though you are fully responsible for the fees associated with transferring)

Scholarship Requirements

  • To be considered for the program, you must not currently own any Axies
  • In order to maintain active status in the program, you are expected to earn a minimum of 1,000 SLP per week
  • For the first 2 weeks, the minimum requirement will be lowered to 800 so that new players can become familiar with the game and learn strategies for maximizing SLP earnings
  • If you are not on track to meet the minimum goal, the program will work with you help you get back on track
  • After 2 consecutive weeks — following the intro period — of not meeting the SLP goal, your membership in the program will be terminated
  • The program will keep 500 SLP as collateral to discourage multi-accounting. This 500 SLP will be cashed out when you end the scholarship.
  • If you are completely inactive (several days without activity or communication), you may be removed from the program in order to give others the opportunity to play with that team; upon removal from the program, SLP earned will be cashed out according to a tiered withdrawal system (outlined below)
  • As a participant of the Aloha Axie Scholarship Program, you agree that you will only play Axie Infinity through this account, not share the account with anyone else, and not participate in any other scholarship program. Playing multiple accounts is a violation of Axie Infinity Terms and will result in a ban and loss of all rewards
  • If you are caught using multiple Axie Infinity accounts, the account and all SLP earned with be revoked
  • You are also welcome to leave the program at any time. I only ask that you openly communicate so that we are on the same page

Cashing Out

  • Once you have accumulated at least 2,000 SLP on the account (after the 500 SLP collateral), you have the option to cash out and receive your tokens
  • You’ll need to have your Ronin account set up so that you can receive the SLP
  • Any transactional fees associated with withdrawing the SLP will be split by the same proportion as the reward structure (i.e. participant covers 60%/program covers 40% of the fee); as such, it would be best to withdraw when gas prices are low
  • If, for any circumstance, you need to cash out but have a balance of under 2,000 SLP, then a tiered withdrawal structure will apply. 1500–1999: 40% scholar/60% program; 1000–1499: 30% scholar/70% program; 0–999: 20% scholar/80% program


  1. Fill out the interest application form here:
  2. Send me a message on Discord letting me know that you’ve submitted the form (find me through the official Axie Infinity Discord, details below)
  3. Upon acceptance, and space willing, you will be invited to the group Discord

Any questions?

This program is operated by me, AlohaTim (alohaTim#9101 on Discord). My goal is to help introduce new players to this lifechanging game by allowing them to earn and learn in a supporting and positive environment. If you have any questions, find me on the official Axie Infinity Discord and shoot me a message!


Please note that the terms and requirements may change, depending on changes made in the game. This is an experimental program (like other scholarship programs), and may end at any time for any reason. Participants may also be removed if they do not uphold integrity of conduct.




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